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Kiteboarding is one the fastest growing and most exciting extreme sports in the world. When the wind is blowing you will see kiteboarders launching huge jumps, slashing waves, or just freeriding and cruising. The sport has exploded in the last 10 years, and its not uncommon to see 50 kiters out on good days at prime Ontario locations. Kiteboarding FEELS AMAZING and Best Team Rider David Drinkwater can get you riding and stoked quickly, safe and in possession of the skills you need to progress on your own, as an independant, self sufficient kiteboarder.

Kiteboarding has been his life since he was 15. Starting in 2003, he had no idea that he would be taking up a sport that would have such a profound impact on him. Learning how to ride on Lake Huron, kiting quickly became a passionate exploration of possibilities. Massive jumps, board grabs, board offs, powered wakestyle tricks and kiteloops are just part of what he is known for and what David can offer you as an instructor. He is known around the world for his smooth and seemingly effortless flow and style and is a down to earth dude, both on and off the water.

Dave spends his time teaching and riding, traveling the world, scoping out new spots to ride, training every moment possible, and pushing himself to be the best rider he can. Along with pursuing his goals as a professional rider, he loves to share his stoke with both new and progressing riders. He believes a kiter can progress in the sport much faster with intermediate and advanced lessons, going beyond waterstarts and riding upwind. With ongoing, one-on-one lessons and training, the sky is the limit.


Summer 2011 is here! After a winter and spring spent teaching and training in the waters of Brasil, South-East Asia and Cape Hatteras with fellow Best Team Rider Sam Medysky, Dave is back in Ontario and accepting students. The Great Lakes have some of the best learning and riding conditions in the world. Call today! (705) 716 9711


Rouge Wave

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INSTRUCTOR: David Drinkwater
HOME TOWN: Toronto
TEACHING OUT OF: 10 minutes north of Sauble Beach are the Oliphant Fishing Islands. Oliphant is one of Ontarios prime kiteboard locations, its warm and shallow water makes it an ideal place to learn how to kitesurf. Taking big waves, and deep water out of the equation makes for a better learning experience and many of the provinces best riders learned to kite here.
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FAV PLACE TO RIDE IN ONTARIO: Oliphant, Sauble Beach, Wasaga Beach and Allenwood, and Christian Island

FAV AWAY FROM HOME SPOT: Taiba, Brazil and La Boca, Dominican Republic.

HOW I GOT INTO KITING: My father was a glider pilot and wanted to learn how to paraglide up at our cottage. Realizing the conditions were not ideal, we started looking into kiteboarding. We have been kiting together now for 9 years.

Kiteboarding revolves around the wind. In the case that there is no wind, or the wind shuts off during your lesson, the lesson will be prorated and rescheduled at your convenience. We do our best to schedule lessons according to wind forecasts, but no forecast is necessarily 100% and forecasts can occasionally be wrong.

Required information for booking: Name, dates of availability, previous experience with power kites and boardsports, and whether or not you already have your own gear.

Lessons in other locations: Mobile, private lessons in Wasaga Beach and Toronto (Spring and Fall). Call 705 716 9711 for more information.

DWkiteboarding teaches on the latest 2011 kiteboarding equipment from www.BestKiteboarding.com. During your lesson all gear will be supplied, this does not include wet suits. If cold water is a concern, a wetsuit is recommended.


Sauble Beach, Oliphant: Offering the best kiteboarding and kitesurfing conditions in Ontario. With shallow flat water in Oliphant, and ocean like swell in Sauble Beach, you cant ask for anything better.
Wind Direction: S, SW, W, NW, N
Condition: Shallow and flat water in Oliphant, waves, and deep water in Sauble Main Beach.

Wasaga Beach, Allenwood: Just 1.5 hours from Toronto, Wasaga offers amazing conditions with clean waves, and warm temperatures in the summer.
Wind Direction: N, NW, W
Condition: Fairly shallow for 200 metres out then deep with rolling waves.

Toronto, Ashbridges Bay: Great place to catch a north easterly breeze in the Spring and Fall, but can be very busy during summer months.
Wind Direction: NE, E, SE
Condition: Deep water, with waves, undertow and currents.

Package 1: Become a Kiteboarder!

5 Hour Package: $299.00

This 5 hour lesson includes background and theory, ground school, rigging and safety, and a water Lesson, and takes you through all the necessary steps to become a confident and safe kiteboarder. The goal is take a person with no experience and give them the confidence to take his or her own gear out to practice kiteboarding safely and effectively, at any suitable beach around the world. You will also learn a bit about beach and kiting etiquette.


Lesson One: On The Ground

2 Hours

On The Ground starts with a theory class explaining important concepts, we then move on to exploring the "wind window" and start immediately flying a 3 metre trainer kite, practicing launching and landing. We set up and rig a full size inflatable kite carefully reviewing saftey features, kite features and control bar and lineset features. This is where you get into the good stuff of stage two: learning the fundamentals of flying the kite to generate power, which is key to getting up and riding the board.


Lesson Two: In The Water

3 Hours

Welcome to In The Water! This lesson starts with launching and landing a 4 line BEST Kahoona. You take the fundamentals you learned in your Ground Lesson and learn to use the power in the kite to help drag you through the water in all directions, relative to wind direction. This is an all important technique known as "Body Dragging". This is an important skill to have because when you are riding and you wipe out and lose your board, you will be able to easily body drag upwind to retrieve it. Next is water relaunch, going over the fundamentals in relaunching a an inflatable kite in the water, so you can spend more time riding and less time floating around. Finally, we work on your water starts. Welcome to the sport!


Private Lessons

A customizable lesson that will work for you, available in all kiting locations around Ontario. Nothing beats one-on-one instruction whether you are a beginner looking to expand on the Become a Kiteboarder program, or an intermediate or advanced rider looking to expand your repetoire of tricks or learn new techniques. Study and practice with one of the best kiteboarders in Canada.

Advanced Lesson

Learn the technique to go huge. This lesson is focused on jumping, transitions, and offers an intro to pop, load and pop techniques and some rad, low and powered wake style tricks.

Note: All lessons include the latest kiteboarding and safety equipment from Bestkiteboarding.com. Wet suits are not required, but recommended in the Spring and Fall.

Package lessons are set at a 2-1 ratio. You are guaranteed a maximum of 2 students to 1 instructor.

Booking a Lesson

As you will come to realize, kiteboarding revolves around the wind. In the case that there is no wind or the wind dies during your lesson, the lesson will be pro-rated and rescheduled at your convenience. We do our best to schedule lessons according to wind forecasts but no forecast is always 100% and they can occasionally be wrong.


Gear for 2011

Check in at the end of August for great prices on school gear. In the meantime, you can check out www.bestkiteboarding.com or www.Boardsports.ca, located at 2010 Yonge Street, Toronto (416) 485-9463

Kiteboarding Info and Message Boards

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2011 Best Taboo 10m-$650

In New condition Used 2 times

2011 Best Taboo 12m-$700

Used 5 times. Pro Repair from kiteloft.ca of 6 inch tair in Ripstop near wingtip.

2011 Best Taboo 7m-$599

Kite Is new in Bag-Never used kite only

2011 Best Taboo 8m-$599

In New condition Used once kite only

2011 Best Taboo 14m-$750

Used 4 times, like new. Great light wind kite, has huge wind range.

2011 Best Kahoona 7.5m-$550

Used 10 times or less- in new condition. Great kite for begginer. Super easy to re-launch, with huge low end power.

2011 Best Kahoona 11.5-$650

Used 10 times or less-In new condition Great kite for begginer. Super easy to re-launch, stable, and tons of low end power.

2010 Best 3m Trainer kite-$199

Used Trainer kite. Tons of life left in it. Flys great in light winds, tons of power for its size....Great kite to learn on

2011 Best Redline Bars-$259

Great bar with easy to use safety system and sheeting system.

2011 Best Profanity 142cm-$650

Deck only with fins


David Drinkwater
Email: dwkiteboarding@gmail.com